If you have a Google Cloud Print compatible printer, you can use it directly from IntelliPrint. Otherwise, you can install our app daemon that supports Windows and Mac. If you choose this option, your computer must remain turned on in order to print. If you are going to be printing large batches of invoices, the daemon will likely work faster than Google Cloud Print as it is optimised for dealing with many jobs at once.

Installing a Printer Manually

This article assumes you have installed and configured the IntelliPrint app. If you have yet to do so, follow the instructions pertinent to your operating system.

Adding a printer manually must be done via the app. To begin, open the IntelliPrint app on your operating system. Once the app has opened, click the + button located at the bottom left of the app's main interface.

Choose the printer you wish to add from the presented dialog, and click the Choose button.

Presto! Your printer has been added to IntelliPrint. 

Installing a Google Cloud Printer

Installing a Google Cloud Printer is very straightforward. To add a printer, you must first authenticate your Google account with IntelliPrint. To begin, go to the settings page by clicking the Settings button in the top navigation menu.

Go to the Printers option on the left menu, then scroll down to the Google Cloud Print section.

If you have not yet authenticated your account with Google, you will need to do so by clicking the Sign in with Google button.

Once authenticated, you can select your desired printer from the Google Cloud Print list, and choose the Add Printer option.

That's it! You can now print to this printer from IntelliPrint.

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