Templates are the core of IntelliPrint. Templates allow you to create a style and layout that will be interpolated with real data automatically. To begin creating a template, start by clicking the Settings button in the top navigation menu, followed by the Templates option located on the left submenu.

This page will list all templates that you currently have created.

Creating the Template

To create your first invoice template, click the New Template button. Upon clicking the button you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to either create a template from one of our predefined layouts or create a one from scratch.

For this example, we will be creating a template from scratch. Once you have entered an appropriate name for your template, click the Choose button. Your template will be created and you will be directed to the Template Builder.

There are three main elements to the Template Builder:

  1. The Component Menu, on the left.
    From here you can insert and delete pages, insert layout helpers and insert various widgets. To toggle the expanded state of any of the menu items, simply click on its title.
  2. The Template Body, in the center.
    The Template Body is a preview of the final product based upon a dummy set of data. You can also drag widgets into this area to insert them directly!
  3. The Properties Inspector, on the right.
    From the Properties Inspector, you can tweak the display of the selected widget in the Template Body. Some widgets have unique properties, such as choosing the displayed columns on the Template Body, so be sure to check them out.

Inserting a Widget

  1. Expand the Widgets Component Menu item by clicking on its title.
  2. Click and drag the desired widget from the Component Menu into the Template Body. Don't let go just yet!
  3. Once you have dragged over the Template Body, blue lines will appear where valid places to insert the widget are. If you drag the widget over one of the lines, it will show a + sign indicating that you may now drop the widget.

After dropping the widget, it will be inserted where the blue line was.

Tweaking a Widget

You can select a widget from the Template Body by clicking on it. Once you have selected a widget, the Element section of the Properties Inspector will show all of its available configurable properties.

Deleting a Widget

To delete a widget, select it and then either:

  • Press backspace
  • Press delete
  • Press the red Delete Widget button at the bottom of the Properties Inspector

Inserting a Layout Helper

Sometimes laying out content in a vertically linear fashion is not always desired. To assist with formatting your template in the way that you like, you can use Layout Helpers. The most commonly used Layout Helper is the Columns helper. You can insert a helper the same way as a widget: by dragging it into the Template Body.

Once you have inserted the Columns Helper, you can add and remove columns from the Properties Inspector. You can add widgets to a column by dragging them in.

Saving the Template

To save your progress, click the Save button at the top left of the screen.

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